Master in Administration and Business Management

The general objective of the Masters Degree in Administration and Business Management (MBA) is to train professionals, specialized in the field of management and administration of businesses, at a higher level of command. This postgraduate training therefore offers two main aspects of the business world: on one hand, it aims to provide students with the general and specific skills necessary for individual and collective professional improvement within the organization. On the other hand, it seeks to promote the ethical and social responsibility taken on by business professionals on a daily basis.

This program is designed to, following both objectives, provide a postgraduate quality training in business, which meets the needs of the knowledge society and complements the skills and abilities acquired in an undergraduate education. This program also responds to the increasing training requirements needed in the managerial area of the business world. It is designed to offer a natural continuity to current degrees offered by Spanish universities, such as Business Administration and Management, Business, Economics, Market Research, Labor Sciences, Engineering, Legal Sciences, Architecture, Tourism, Social Graduate, Labor Relations and others.

Curriculum evaluated favorably by the National Agency for the Evaluation of Quality and Accreditation. Its implementation was authorized by the Government Council of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia according to Decree No. 249/2011 of July 29.