Inter-university Doctorate in Economic, Business and Legal Sciences

The Inter-university Doctoral Program in Economic, Business and Legal Sciences from the University of Almería, the University of Jaén and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, verified by the Council of Universities and adapted to the new RD 99/2011 that regulates official Doctorate teaching , constitutes the adaptation to the new regulations of the Doctorate in Business Administration and Management (governed by the previous RD 1393/2007). This Doctoral Program is based on the educational base of the official University Master's degrees currently taught at the UPCT by the Faculty of Business Sciences, and is the result of the experience accumulated after a decade during which the old doctoral programs have trained more than forty new doctors. These Masters are:

In the case of the UPCT, this interuniversity program fundamentally integrates the two areas with the largest number of theses read, such as Accounting and Finance and Business Economics (in its different sub-areas, such as Marketing and Market Research, Business Organization and Directorate of Operations and Agrarian Economy and Cooperativism).

The Program is intended to train researchers, conferring on them the necessary skills for the proper development of their subsequent academic and / or professional careers. Thus, the main objective of the Program is to provide skills of a high technical-scientific level, which provide the student with critical capacity and allow him to formulate and develop novel research proposals within the fields of the Company, which will be reflected in his Doctoral Thesis. . This Doctorate is recommended for Graduates or Graduates in Business and Economics as well as in other related disciplines (Labor Relations, Public Administration, Tourism, Marketing and Engineering) with an interest in research in Business or Economic Sciences.