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The UPCT teaches the most demanded degrees by companies in Spain and Europe.

Our purpose is to facilitate the incorporation into the world of work of our graduates, promoting the predisposition, skills and knowledge that students and university graduates must have about the Labor Market. In this way, it is intended to improve the theoretical-practical training of young people for a better job placement.

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The University has launched initiatives that involve intermediation in the labor market and to some extent the attainment of employment for the graduates they generate.

The Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) teaches several careers related to professions that, according to official data, have more opportunities to access the labor market and more easily. In recent years, the employability rates of UPCT graduates are close to 90%.

The UPCT receives and manages, through the Employment Exchange, job offers from numerous entities that rely on the UPCT, for their human resources selection processes.

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UPCT Employment Portal

Center of Orientation, Information and Employment (COIE) of the UPCT
Campus de la Muralla del Mar, Edf. ETSII (Antiguo Hospital de Marina) – Planta Baja.
T. 968 32 54 09
T. 968 32 54 26

Administrative Office: Orientation Center, Information and Employment - SEEU

Edif. Rectorado - Ala Este 2ª Planta Plaza Cronista Isidoro Valverde 30202 Cartagena
T. 968 32 54 26
F. 968 32 54 03 empleo@upct.es