Master's degree in Management of Social Economy Entities (Online)

The reasons that justify the interest and the academic, scientific and professional relevance of this master derive from the differential characteristics (purpose of service to members rather than profit, democratic management, distribution of benefits, where appropriate, without attending to the contributed capital, etc.) of the entities included in the social economy (cooperatives, labor companies, associations, mutual societies, foundations, insertion companies, special employment centers, etc.), which make them a reality that manifests itself both in economic and business, as in the sphere of research and teaching.

From the economic and business point of view, the Social Economy Entities have great importance in the European Union, in Spain and in the Region of Murcia, both in terms of participation in the Gross Domestic Product and in employment, as well as its contribution to policies aimed at development and social and territorial cohesion.

The already mentioned peculiarities of these organizations entail a specific problem of the same in the normative, economic, financial, fiscal, accounting, administrative, commercial areas, etc., that the higher graduates responsible for managing these entities must know in order to guarantee success in directing them. In this way, their teaching will help alleviate the demand for specialized professionals, mainly in management, but also in the research of these entities.