Master's degree in Business Management and in the Management of Touristic Institutions

The main objective of the Master in Management and Direction of Tourism Companies and Institutions (GDEIT) is the preparation and retraining of the student to improve competitiveness, professionalism, quality and sustainability in a future sector with broad relevance to the regional economy. and Spanish, as is Tourism.

It is also expected to achieve with this academic proposal the increase of mobility for our graduates within the EHEA in their search for a subsequent job.

The training in the classroom and outside the classroom taught in the Master includes the participation of relevant and active professionals and researchers in the sector, which allows students to acquire first-hand knowledge and professional and research attitudes that are difficult to transfer in any other way. The use of case studies, own and from other companies in the tourism sector, by teachers allows introducing the student to real decision-making and observing how experienced professionals face these types of issues that are so relevant to their daily work.


Thematic library

The Master includes two itineraries:

  • In its professional orientation, the Master is aimed at training university postgraduates for companies and institutions in the tourism sector. In it, students participate in activities outside the classroom, such as visits to public institutions linked to the tourism sector or training sessions at the headquarters of tourism companies, which give the student an on-site vision of the operation of the tourism sector . The participation of national and international professionals and researchers confers a high-level professional vision and also helps students to choose their subsequent professional activity.
  • In its research orientation, the degree seeks to train research technicians in the tourism sector. An applied approach is pursued aimed at providing technical, rigorous and quality information that facilitates decision-making by the managers of companies and institutions in the sector.