GADE - Bilingual Option

The Faculty of Business Sciences is aware of the importance that knowledge of English has for its graduates. The command of this second language allows to deepen in the study subjects and is, increasingly, an essential condition for access to employment at managerial levels, one of the objectives of the Degree in Business Administration and Management (ADE).

Mastering the English language allows graduates to constantly recycle, greatly expanding their job expectations, which move from the local to a completely global level. All this has motivated the Faculty of Business Sciences to approach the project of offering its undergraduate students the possibility of combining the deepening of the subjects of the Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with the learning of business-specific English, in a context that It simulates the international reality that graduates will find in companies.

Students participating in the project will gradually acquire comprehension and expression skills in English as they progress in their career through:

  • Certain subjects of the study plan, which will be offered in English at different levels.

  • Taking part of the degree at one of the 30 foreign universities with which the Faculty has an exchange agreement.

  • The possibility of doing internships in international companies. Precisely because it is assumed that the student will have acquired a certain level of the English language during the course of the degree, and to preserve the quality of the title that is awarded to the student who successfully completes the four years, the students commit to demonstrate a level of English of B2 or equivalent at the end of the degree.

Regarding who can participate in the Bilingual Degree, students must demonstrate a level of English B1 or equivalent, which they must prove in their request. Said accreditation may come from the Official School of Languages, studies in Bilingual Baccalaureate, Cambridge, Trinity certificates or similar, having completed primary or secondary studies in the Anglo-Saxon country, etc. In addition, the Faculty offers students who so wish, the possibility of accrediting the required level through a free exam conducted by the UPCT Language Service. This exam is usually done in September before the start of the course. The date and time of this exam will be duly informed to the students who have requested it when registering in the Bilingual group.

You can find more information about the bilingual option of this grade in the following link.

You can also find information about Pre-enrollment in the bilingual degree in the following link.

The students of the bilingual group are, for all intents and purposes, students of the Degree in ADE, so the study plan is the same, with the variant that the subjects have been adapted to the English language.

Within the curriculum there are subjects that include content in English; which have a teaching guide in that language.